Samuel Dorsi - May 17, 2023
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How much are German tourists really willing to pay for a green holiday? A surprising amount, according to a new study from Austria.

German holidaymakers in Austria are willing to pay extra for sustainable services such as using renewable energy, reducing waste, and serving regional cuisine. According to a recent study, these services all contribute to protecting the climate. When traveling to Austria, 23 percent of Germans are willing to pay extra for sustainable options.

For example, travelers who support locally sourced cuisine at the hotel would pay an extra 29 euros for a double room each night, on top of the standard 120 euro rate—the regional dishes on the menu is even more important than solely organic options.

40 percent more is possible

The survey conducted in Germany in February had almost 1000 participants. It focused on willingness to pay for sustainability instead of just asking about its importance, making it a particularly reliable source of information.

Many tourists under the age of 30 have a keen focus on waste reduction, mainly plastic and food waste.

Accommodation facilities that demonstrate a genuine commitment to waste reduction and have concrete plans in place can attract sustainability supporters willing to pay an additional 30 euros per night for a double room. Naturally, a completely climate-neutral accommodation facility is the most favorable one. A double room accommodation of this kind may cost an extra 47 euros per night, around a 40% increase from the base price of 120 euros.

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