Justin N. Froyd - Mar 3, 2014

Low-cost airlines cut off worse in all important criteria than other airlines from a business traveler's point of view: less security, more flight cancellations, and overwhelmed personnel. However, even when it comes to the price, they can't always win. Four out of ten business travelers in Germany say that they more easily find low total costs at scheduled airline companies. The study "Chefsache Business Travel 2014" by Travel Management Companies in the German Travel Association published those results.

Almost half of the business travelers have experienced that seemingly cheap low-cost flights aren't always worth it. Extra costs for seat reservations or abandoned luggage may arise depending upon the provider. Changes in bookings or in a name are expensive for some of the airlines. According to German Travel Association studies, 40 percent of the business travelers therefore say that it's cheaper if they travel with scheduled airline companies - a surprising solution considering that low-cost providers primarily advertise with low prices.

Low-cost means more stress for business travelers.

While low-cost airlines don't convince business travelers in terms of costs, they underlay to the scheduled airline companies in other important criteria, like the German Travel Association shows:

  • 54 percent of business travelers have landed late at least once while flying with a low-cost flight; it is nine percent less than with scheduled airline companies.
  • 40 percent of the business travelers have already experienced that the jet of a low-cost airline was overbooked. Only 25 percent said it happened with other providers.
  • 38 percent complained about missing service mentality and unfriendly personnel at low-cost providers; for scheduled airline companies, the value is 14 percentage points less.
  • 35 percent worry about their safety onboard at low-cost airlines. Solely, 20 percent feel that way about other airline companies.
  • For 30 percent of the business travelers, a low-cost flight was canceled at least once due to technical defects; 17 percent say the same about scheduled flights.

"Low-cost airlines can definitely be an alternative for business travelers," says Stefan Vorndran, chairman of the committee Business Travel in the German Travel Association. "However, the company has to thoroughly check and weigh the entire traveling costs to see if the price justifies the low service and the high stress."

The collaboration with a professional business traveler's office is recommended for companies that want to keep the overview of complete offers and their advantages and disadvantages. The travel experts also provide clarity over hidden and indirect costs of business trips. This also provides companies a basis of decision-making for the question, if low-cost airlines pay off for the own business trips. Corresponding standards shall furthermore flow into the travel guidelines of the company.

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