Larry Brain - Jun 29, 2009
Bavaria is one of the most popular and appealing regions of Germany. Famous for its persistent tradition of brewing beer and the typical bratwurst, it lures tourists from all over the place to discover its medieval charm and cultural treasures. Bavaria is a charming region of Germany featuring endless tourist opportunities. Its history is long and fascinating. Even today, when tourists think twice before they visit any destination, Bavaria is the place to go; with reasonable prices keen travelers may enjoy the bliss of local culinary art as well as explore the medieval architecture and fall in love with Bavaria’s open heart.There are several destinations worth visiting and spending your money. Coburg is definitely on the list. Young travelers who are not too keen of luxury will fall in love with the romantic castle converted into a hostel. The historic Old Town amazes with its beautiful market square – do not leave without taking a proper bite of the famous Coburg sausage. Veste Coburg Fortress and Museum, former refuge of Martin Luther, features an impressive journey to the past centuries and the history of Coburg.Nuremberg is one of the most spectacular cities of Bavaria. History breathes and charms through the ancient walls of cathedrals, shopping streets, striking mansions and appealing little markets. Especially the Nuremberg Christmas Market is a true spectacle – taking place from November 27th – December 24th each year.Bamberg deserves a mention as well. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a surprisingly preserved, 1000-year old Old Town. Naturally, brewing tradition is rich here and devoted beer lovers will rejoice over the 50 different kinds of beer brewed only here. The Franconian Brewery Museum is a definite must. While in Bamberg, tourists ought to try the local specialty – smoked beer.Bavaria simply is a land of charm, relaxed people, tasty food and rich history which bewilders anyone willing to discover it. Munich, the capital of the state is a perfect starting point with plenty of museums and galleries – it defines the artistic potential of the region and welcomes any traveler with a warm heart, cold beer and its famous delicacy, the white veal sausage called ‘Weisswurt’. Related:GERMAN KONSTANZ APPEALS TO ROMANTIC AND RELIGIOUS TOURISTSMINIATURE WONDERLAND: A TRULY GRAND ATTRACTIONTRIER: GERMANY’S HIDDEN ROMAN TREASURE

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  1. I were in Germany several times and have been visiting Nuremberg, Bamberg and Munich. Beers are the best in the world and have so many different flavors in depend in which area you are.
    The best time to travel is the summer time July - August when you can visit unique beer gardens or hang out on a river or lake for a nice picnic.
    If you like history htese are the places to go.


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