Laura Maudlin - Sep 21, 2022
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While most know Canada for being one of the most beautiful natural territories in the world, there is a crucial part of it that is, regrettably, often overlooked. And that is their delightful, colorful cuisine! If Canada is next on your holiday agenda, you should definitely take some time to taste the best of their national dishes. So, let’s see where this gastronomical trip takes us!

Poutine in Quebec

Invented in the middle fifties, Poutine is a national French-Canadian dish consisting of only three ingredients! While it might not sound like much, the French fries, cheese curds, and gravy make for a delicious starter or snack.

The dish was created in Quebec, so we really suggest trying them out in their original birthplace. Usually, you can find them at any diner, restaurant, or street food court, so getting it will not be difficult at all. There are even places established strictly for cooking Poutine, and they offer several kinds of it!

BeaverTails in Ottawa

Made of whole wheat flour, BeaverTails are as delicious as their name is fun! The deep-fried dough pastries are flattened to resemble a beaver’s tail and are served with all kinds of toppings. Those include different sweeteners, the most popular being the hazelnut spread.

Their birth was not entirely exciting, as they were a simple experiment of a young family from Ottawa in the 1980s, and yet, Canadians are silently thanking them for their creativity every day. BeaverTails are most usually found at street food carts and mini cafes, as the dish is not exactly mainstream. So, skip the fancy restaurants!

Pea Soup in Newfoundland and Labrador

The charming province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which, by the way, you can reach quite easily using trains in Canada, is home to the most heartwarming and homey dish - the Pea Soup.

Declared as Canadian comfort food, the soup is a delightful meal created by French Canadians and loved by millions! Usually known as a winter speciality, Pea Soup is not at all fancy but is the best introductory dish for those looking to warm up their guests and loved ones. Everyone should know how to prepare one, and if you do not, at least enjoy a generous bowl in one of the restaurants in Newfoundland and Labrador!

Donair in Nova Scotia

You probably know the Turkish and Greek Doner Kebabs quite well, as they are highly popular in Europe and the USA, but have you tried the Donair in Nova Scotia?

While the more popular Doner Kebabs have lamb, veggies, and spicy sauces in them, Canadian Donairs are the complete opposite! Their main ingredient is beef, and the complementary ingredients are all but spicy. Actually, the meat is sinking in a sweet sauce made from sugar, garlic, condensed milk, and vinegar. Yes, sounds a bit crazy, we know, but bear with us! The notes are somehow all coming together once you have that first bite, so be adventurous enough to try it out!

Nova Scotia is the best place to try out original Donairs, so plan your holiday so that it includes this stunning region.

Saskatoon Berry Pie in Prairies and British Columbia

Despite its name, the Saskatoon Berry Pies are best in Prairies and British Columbia rather than in Saskatchewan. That is because the most mouthwatering pies are baked by using top-quality berries grown in those regions. So, the fresh dessert deserves a trip to either of them!

What makes it so different from all the other barry pies, you ask? Well, the Saskatoon Berries are not at all what you imagine. While they resemble blueberries, they are more closely related to sugary apples and have a potent almond, nutty flavor. Prepared on the sweetest pastry dough, it makes for the best Canadian dessert and will sweeten your trip to new levels!

Montreal Bagels in Montreal

Montreal is an awesome holiday destination if you enjoy exploring beautiful historic sites and culturally significant plots. However, they are also famous for their breakfast - mainly the tasty Montreal Bagels.

If you think that Canadian Bagels are nothing special, well, just wait for the first burst of flavor on your tongue! It is quite significantly different from the typical New York Bagels, for example. Starting from its baking conditions to its form, composition, and aftertaste - the ones in Montreal are simply better! Due to being boiled in sweetened water prior to baking, they have the most palatable tang and are served with several different toppings, though they can be eaten without one.

Enjoy your tasteful journey around Canada, and remember to be curious and open! Some flavors may not sound pleasing in the beginning but can absolutely surprise you. Also, bring something home. Good luck!

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