Bill Alen - Jul 20, 2023
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The new Opinion Way study shows that gastronomy is essential in choosing a vacation destination for French travelers. A survey was carried out on June 7th and 8th using a sample of 1006 French citizens who were 18 years old or older, representing the population of France. Nearly half of the French say that local cuisine is important in their decision.

Gastro tourism

The connection between gastronomy and tourism is growing stronger as food becomes a significant factor in selecting a travel destination among French travelers. Almost half of the participants (47%) chose a vacation spot based on the local cuisine. For some, it is an integral part of their must-visit countries, with 39% having previously selected a destination solely to sample regional dishes.

In fact, 75% of respondents said they relish trying exquisite cuisines from foreign countries when they travel. 75% of respondents said they enjoy trying exquisite cuisines from foreign countries when they travel.

A significant percentage of individuals aged under 35 (55%) and those from higher socio-professional categories (54%) recognize the value of experiencing the local cuisine of foreign countries. As a result, they are also more inclined to have already selected a holiday destination, with 48% of the under-35s and 46% of the higher socio-professional categories having made their choice.

Asian cuisine: the big favorite among French travelers

French travelers prefer travel destinations in Asia. The region's specialties are highly valued, with spring rolls being the most popular among 49% of respondents. Cantonese rice (36%) and pork with caramel (30%) follow closely behind in popularity.

In terms of popularity, spring rolls take the top spot across all categories. However, the preferred runners-up vary based on age group. For those aged 18-24, curry ranks second with 44%, while sushi comes third with 36%. Meanwhile, the 25-34 age group places sushi second with 39% and noodles third with 33%.

Sushi takes the silver medal for 35-49-year-olds at 31%, followed by Cantonese rice at 29% in third place.

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