Gregory Dolgos - Feb 18, 2013
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A recent Opinionway study conducted for shows a number of paradoxes in the choices of French travelers.

According to the study, French tourists preparing for their holiday and choosing their destination claim to mainly focus on the political situation of the given country (48%), women's rights (47%) and children's rights (47%).

The criterion that interested the French the least was the economic stability of the country visited (30%). The study findings also revealed that 63% of French people say they have never been in a country with a sensitive political, economic or religious situation, while 66% of them name a sensitive destination (India, Cuba, Thailand, Tunisia, Senegal, Egypt, Burma, Lebanon, Syria) when asked where they would like to go.

Similarly, 81% of French people say they are afraid of going to countries that experienced political revolution or countries that are unstable, while there are many who want to go to Cuba (49%), Tunisia (39%) or Egypt (35%).

Another paradox – 72% of French people say they refuse to go to a country where there is sex tourism but 47% of them say they want to go to Thailand.

Also, 68% of French people say they would never go to a country where children work, and explain at the same time that they dream of going to Burma (51%) and Thailand (47%).

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