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According to Oxfam, the economic model of the French tourism giants is "unsustainable".

Oxfam has just published an indicator called "climate trajectory" to assess the impact of the economic models of CAC top 40 companies. Unfortunately, Air France, Airbus and Accor have been severely pinpointed by the NGO.

After hours of discussion, on December 12, 2015, Laurent Fabius appeared before the cameras of the media in tears as he announced the outcome of the Paris Agreements.

The objective was to make continued efforts to limit the rise in temperatures to 1.5°C. Six years later, Oxfam analyzed the behavior of CAC 40 companies to see if they were fulfilling their duties and getting into the nails of these historic agreements.

While a few good examples are emerging, the vast majority of the leaders in the French economy are lagging behind, in a relatively disturbing way.

Unfortunately, amongst these were also several tourism giants. Therefore, Accor, Air France and Airbus are heavily pinned, because they did not only fail to comply with the objective of a 1.5°C increase in temperatures, but also, and above all, they exacerbate global warming, due to "an unsustainable economic model".

The leaders of the tourism industry would have a business model contributing to a rise in temperature of between 3 and 4 degrees by 2010. The climate trajectory corresponds to the translation, in degrees of warming, of the company's past and current greenhouse gas emissions, but also of its commitments to reduce its carbon footprint in the future.

The climate trajectory, therefore, does not only correspond to the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted at a given moment but also takes into account the actions already implemented or the announced efforts to reduce them, in the short, medium and long term.

"These figures show how unsustainable the CAC 40's business model is. Large French tourism giants are highly dependent on fossil fuels and production methods that are very harmful to the planet and to people," explains Oxfam.

By way of comparison, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus emits 66 times more greenhouse gases than the SNCF to generate €1 in turnover, when for Air France this coefficient rises to 23 times and more than 14 times for Dassault Aviation.

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