Alec Hills - Nov 28, 2022
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The French Minister of Tourism, Olivia Grégoire, says that the French are going to change air for the end-of-year days. Half of them are planning to leave for the Christmas holidays.

Despite Inflation, French Travelers Want to Go on Holiday

The complicated economic context does not undermine the desire of the French to go away for a few days to recharge their batteries far from home. Despite the inflation that is weighing down their wallets, 55% of them are planning a getaway for the Christmas holidays. A figure put forward by the Minister of Tourism, Olivia Grégoire.

Since the sanitary crisis and the confinements, the French need to change air regularly, to leave their daily life.

This trend has become a real groundswell. As a result, bookings are up at every school holiday period. For example, during the All Saints' Day holiday, the number of travelers jumped by 26% compared to the same period before the health crisis.

Holidays in France and in the Mountains

For Christmas, there is no question of going outside the country's borders. As for the tourist boom, another trend has been observed: holidays not too far from home and in France. Olivia Grégoire puts forward the figure of 77% of French people who are going to spend Christmas somewhere in France. As far as destinations are concerned, the coasts will once again be the most popular.

Only a quarter will go to spend the holidays in the mountains. The Minister of Tourism insists that all territories will be concerned by the influx of tourists.

Even if purchasing power is down this year, the French are counting on the end-of-year holidays to treat themselves. They plan to spend, on average, 371 euros per person during these holidays. This is an amount comparable to previous years.

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