Tomas Haupt - Feb 13, 2012
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France is one of the most spectacular and beautiful countries in the world. This country has exotic sports and magnificent scenes at every corner. France is also the country that most lovers prefer to visit in their romantic tours. All the regions of France have something to offer for the tourists that flood the country annually. However, most people visit the same popular spots year in year out. invites you to discover the top less traveled areas of France, the real France.


Bordering Germany to the East, there is the smallest region of France; Alsace is a region west of Lorraine. This small district is rich in history and has spectacular views. If you are a lover of history and the beautiful small villages, this definitely is the place for you. It has mountain scenes that are simply breathtaking not forgetting the castles and ruins that tell stories of famous kingdoms. Its climate is continental so you do not have to worry about extreme conditions.


If you love sandy beaches and rugged coastlines, Brittany is definitely your ultimate destination. Brittany boasts of its exotic islands such as the town of Dol-de-Bretagne, hard to pronounce but definitely worth your while. With the most beautiful villages in France such as Ile-et-Vilaine this is a must visit. The most popular place with tourists is Rennes but you can always be the first one to explore the scenes of the less visited areas.

Loire Valley

As if all this beauty is enough for one country, France still has much more to offer. For instance, there is the Loire valley; this is home of more than 300 chateaux. Many artists visit this place annually to try to capture the spectacular beauty of these architectural marvels. For those fascinated by art, you could never ask for more when you visit the Loire valley. While visiting here you could also go to its city Orleans and enjoy its sight and scenes.


For the lovers looking for romantic getaway, avoid the monotonous city of Paris and visit the exotic island of Corsica. Its landscape is dotted with mountains that offer spectacular views. It also has its share of medieval villages that adorn this region with their beauty. For that romantic touch, bring your spouse to this island, he or she will never thank you enough.


Lorraine, the famous region that was used to invade France by the Germans during WWI, is reach in history and culture. It has so much to offer for the tourists who are lucky to visit this region. The cemeteries where the brave soldiers of the First World War were buried are the major attractions here. Lorraine will make you feel one with history.


Provence is the most appreciated and admired region in France. It has the beautiful and scenic Mediterranean coastline with miles of sandy beaches that glisten in the sun, historic medieval villages, and olive groves that will leave you in awe of their serene beauty.


Finally yet importantly is Picardy, an open plain that is quite scenic and would intrigue those who love simple things and beauties of nature. It is obvious that France is the place to tour on your next vacation

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