Richard Moor - Sep 2, 2013
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A number of new tourism projects has been launched by the French ministry of tourism. Recent contracts called "Alsace" and "Tarn et Garonne" involve many private and public officials (government, local authorities, and local and private partners) in an effort to create a local tourist offer, focused and attractive for the national and international market.

A "destination contract" helps public and private officials in a specified territory to create an attractive, coherent, and readable tourist proposition in France and abroad, fulfilling all needs and wants of local officials.

The implementation of this new resource was done to allow all officials involved in tourism to assemble and work together to develop innovative joint projects. The goal now is to develop a number of these "destination contracts" around France.

The destination contract "Alsace" is to develop tourism business by using human, technological, and financial aspects of different people's input for three years around a coordinated plan of action.  It aims to encourage the reception of congresses, conventions, seminars, business, national, and international events in order to help the economic activity of professionals (accommodation professionals, reception structures, DMCs, events, airports, transporters etc.).

The destination contract "Tarn et Garonne" aims to develop tourism by structuring tourist routes on a European scale, establishing a network of sites and quality services that are welcoming and supportive while improving the organization of companies and of information on innovative digital products, or by the promotion of new offers.

New contracts are being created, including the Burgundy "wine tourism" contract, the "natural and cultural heritage”, and the "hiking" contract. They are based around the French site of the WW1 front line, the "memory tourism" contract to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1914-1918 war.

These projects are expected to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of France to tourists by creating innovative and tailored offers that radiate the wealth of French territories in the world.

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