Alec Hills - Oct 12, 2023
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The summer season in Italy is never-ending with the recent high temperatures, resulting in a positive trend of increasing foreign visitors to Italy. According to a survey conducted by the Florence-based Center for Tourism Studies, Assoturismo Confesercenti reported a growth of 3.6 percent in the number of tourists visiting the peninsula's cities compared to the previous year. The hotel sector experienced the highest increase of 4.9 percent, while complementary facilities also saw a rise of 2.2 percent. Foreign tourists prefer visiting art cities, which saw a significant increase of 6.5 percent.

Foreign tourists origin

France, the Netherlands, the United States, and Poland are among the source markets for foreign tourists in Italy that have shown significant growth. There is also a slight increase in arrivals from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Hungary, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Tourists from Brazil, Germany, Scandinavia, South Korea, and Israel demonstrate stable numbers. However, there is a decline in the number of Indians, Austrians, Chinese, and Japanese visitors. Thus, significant changes in the trends of interest markets emerge. While most arrivals to Italy still come from European countries, there are noticeable variations in arrival growth.

European tourists

There has been a significant increase in French tourists visiting various facilities in the Northwest, South, Islands, and Center of Italy. They prefer destinations with lakes, mountains, and art cities. Meanwhile, tourists from the Netherlands also show good growth, preferring seaside locations, lakes, countryside/hills, and mountains.

Polish tourists travel to the country's Northeast, Central, and Northwest regions. Their preferred destinations include art cities, rural areas, and the mountains. Belgian tourists, on the other hand, prefer mountain resorts, seaside locations, and country/hill retreats. Tourists from the Czech Republic mainly choose the Northeast areas and show a strong interest in lakes, seaside locations, and spa resorts. Lastly, Switzerland tourists are reported primarily in the Northwest, South, and Island areas. They favor coastal, rural, mountain, and spa resorts.

Tourists from the rest of the world

Regarding non-European markets, the United States is returning to visit Italy and is expected to increase tourism in the central, southern, and island regions. The most popular destinations among Americans are art cities, rural/hilly areas, and the mountains.

The Australian market is small but dynamic and promising. Its top choices for destinations were the south, islands, and central regions, with a preference for art cities, seaside areas, and lakes.

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