Samuel Dorsi - Nov 2, 2009

The American Express Global Business Travel Forecast for 2010 has thrown up some good news for the travel industry on a global scale. After a year or so of economic disaster, there seems now to be at least a little light at the end of the tunnel.




According to the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast for 2010 released recently during a virtual press event the global tourism industry is showing signs of coming out of the recession. As a result and to make up for lost time, prices may slightly increase for flight tickets by the end of 2010.


As businesses pick up in general, business class tickets are expected to go up next year. The airline industry simply must seize the opportunity to make as much money as possible after struggling for so long. Whether business people will be willing or not to pay an even larger percentage for business seat remains to be seen.


As far as another struggling area is concerned, hotels are expected to adjust their prices all over the planet in light of the positive news. Further declines in hotel rates are expected, with the Asia-Pacific area being the exception. Hotels have been faced with the problem that business people and leisure tourists have been avoiding staying overnight to save on expenditures.


The railways are set to enjoy a slow recovery, especially the high-speed companies. Monopolies and unregulated fares have done these companies some damage in recent years, yet things could soon change.


In general, tourists should be taking longer holidays and should spend a little bit more whilst abroad. The tourists industry may at last have something to smile about if the positive yet slow trends continue.









  1. Yes, disaster this year, but it is picking up again. So, esnd me some visitors for the World Cup Soccer 2010. I am near one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa, near Cape Town. I can book people in and around Cape Town and our lovely country winelands.

    Kind regards,
    Gudrun GRF-Tours

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  2. Despite what the media says, there is lots of "unofficial" accommodation in Cape Town. There are lovely self catering and B and B places. They may not be listed by FIFA but they offer a wonderful, reasonably priced stay.

    Also reasonable personal tours in German, Dutch and English by me- aCapetonian born and bred! You do not have to go through the big operators.
    Best Wishes for 2010!
    Jacqui Braunlich

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