Justin N. Froyd - Jul 15, 2008

It is a typical problem in the hotel industry: an event comes to a city once a year and hoards of people arrive to take part. The city hotels often do not have the capacity to deal with such an amount of people. The solution is not that simple. Some suggest simply building new hotels and new rooms. These facilities however need to be maintained throughout the year although not fully used. Luckily for those hosting events, the French company Abilmo has come up with a perfect solution: temporary foldable hotel rooms.
Such a description may well evoke images of shabby huts or tents. On the contrary, the foldable rooms are actually of the luxury description. One even finds it difficult to tell that the rooms are of a temporary nature as they stunningly resemble normal rooms. Not only that, yet indeed 25 of them can be erected per day, making them absolutely ideal for large yet rare events. Further related services include an extra security network, videos and catering. The rooms are absolutely ideal for sporting events, as the one-year history of Abilmo suggests. The company has so far provided accommodation for horse racing events, motor racing events and other sporting festivals.
Environmentalists have moved quickly to praise the company, as the French have invented a way of eradicating unnecessary building of new hotels which often leads to the destruction of natural habitats. The services currently do not belong to the cheap range yet as the idea is almost certain to spread around Europe in the coming years, the price should drop.


  1. Reminds me of Australian Architect Charles Boyle's design for a collapsible back-packers facility.



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