Cecilia Garland - Dec 27, 2023
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Hotel reservations are one of the most important things in travel. That is why travelers should find a good hotel before arriving in their desired city or country.

But nowadays, the lifestyle is very busy, and people don't have enough time to search about all the hotels. That is why they need a reliable source that has information about all hotels.

In Iran, people who want to travel to foreign countries and cities of Iran use a website or an application called Flytoday.

For this reason, today in this article we are going to talk about this platform and answer the question: Why do Iranian people like this platform as a good travel partner?

Before traveling, you need a hotel reservation!

There are many hotels in the world. So people should have information about them. Some of this information includes:

  • Hotel location
  • Number of rooms
  • Shopping centers near hotel
  • Time distance from the airport to the hotel
  • Hotel facilities
  • restaurants near hotel
  • hotel history
  • brand satisfaction
  • And…

Now imagine that you are going to travel in a foreign country like Dobie. This city has many Tourist attractions. So you have to stay there for a few days.

As you know Dobie has many famous and popular hotels such as: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Ramee Guestline, Banana Hotel and Dream Inn - West Wharf apartment.

All the residences we named are a small part of Dobie hotels that you can book on the Flytoday platform before your trip.

The good news is that the platform we mentioned is the most famous website and application in Iran.

Because it has provided passengers with the opportunity to use their hotel reservation system on offer days. It means if people have good timing, they can book hotels in the cheapest mood.

Because it allows travelers to use the hotel reservation system on the proposed days. That is, if people plan and choose a good time, they can book the cheapest hotel.

Full description about Flytoday

Hotel reservation in Iran is not the only service of this platform. As we said before, this website or application that Iranians use to book a hotel plays an important role in the name of a travel partner.

It means that there are other services for buying tickets. For example, if people need to travel to cities such as Shiraz, Kish Island and Mashhad, they can use Flytoday to buy train and plane tickets.

Of course, if travelers decide to travel to foreign countries such as Istanbul or Dubai, they can also use this platform.

The interesting thing about this platform is that they have contracts with 1.5 million hotels and 900 airlines. This means that people can use it to book the cheapest hotel and buy plane tickets.

What are the advantages of Flytoday

According to our explanation about the popularity of this platform in Iran, you may ask what are the advantages of Flytoday here are the reasons why people have choose this platform:

  • People are able to buy any kind of plane ticket such as a charter.
  • This platform will give the watcher paper after the hotel reservation process.
  • Travelers can use a “Shetab Card” instead of a mastercard.
  • Passengers can use this platform's services by installing an app or visiting a website.
  • In this platform, there is a support system to answer people's questions.
  • Flytoday provides services to book hotels in foreign countries.
  • This platform uses a safe system for payment.
  • While using this platform, you will understand that it is very fast and secure.
  • This platform has a professional blog for giving information to travelers.
  • Web design and app appearance of this platform is user friendly.
  • This platform uses an API for its hotel reservation.

What is the “where and when” service in Flytoday?

If you visit the website of this platform, there is a “where and when” option to use. By clicking on this service, you will see a form which contains 4 fields.

In each field you can type your current location and then you can enter the place you are going to travel.

By clicking on the search button, this platform will tell you which time is the best time to travel.

Where do Iranian people like to travel?

If you take a look at the quick access list in Flytoday website, you will understand that Iranian people prefer to travel to cities such as Mashhad and Kish Island and about foreign countries we must say that Turkey and Dobie are favorite places for people in Iran.

But this is not the end of the story. Because if you visit the mentioned website and refer to the hotel reservation link, you will see that all the cities in the following list are popular in Iran:

  • Tehran
  • Shiraz
  • Isfahan
  • Tabriz
  • Yazd
  • Rasht
  • Hamadan
  • Kerman
  • Ahvaz


Finding the best hotel is one of the things that people should do before buying a ticket. This is why platforms like Flytoday are trusted and popular among travelers.

In fact, people who love to travel, and travel is a part of their lifestyle, need a good partner to give them real information.

For this reason, travelers always install apps like "Flytoday". Because with this platform, they can use useful services such as hotel reservations and ticket purchases.

So if you are part of these people and travel is an important thing in your life, we recommend you to use this platform and visit its website.

It helps you to access important information and because of API technology, you can book your favorite hotel in any city you want.


  • Do we need to register on the Flytoday website to use the services?

Yeah! Without the registration process, no one can use the services of this platform.

  • What is the difference between rooms in a hotel?

Due to issues such as view, location and facilities, there are differences between rooms in the hotel, and therefore each room has a special price.

  • What is check in and check out in hotels?

The time that people go to the hotel room is “check in” and the time of room delivery is “check out”.

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