Michael Trout - Jun 17, 2013

Many countries are betting heavily on building replicas of monuments and important buildings from other countries and cultures creating a tourist attraction in their own country.  Some projects however went too wrong. Problems of proportion in size or lack of similarity end up ruining the original idea full of good intentions.

Bangladesh, Australia, or China are popular travel destinations for a number of cultural and natural landmarks. They are however home to replicas of monuments that simply went a bit wrong.

If this summer you fancy a destination as exotic as these and see up closely some of these replicas, do not wait if you want to get the best deals.  If however you decide to stay in Europe, beaches of Italy, France, or England are the best choice, and you can take advantage of seeing the original monuments instead of any copies.

Here are some examples of bad reproductions or simply huge touristic failures.

Taj Mahal, in Narayanganj, Bangladesh: As impossible as it may seem to reproduce the stunning Taj Mahal in India, Ahsanullah Moni, a producer of Bengali cinema, insisted that his country had to have one like it.  It seems that, although measures were taken, it resulted as being much smaller and quite different from the original.

Stonehenge megalithic monument in Margaret River, Australia: The idea arose from an Australian brewer who made a replica of Stonehenge, which is originally located in the UK.  The Australian version is called "The Henge" and was built with 2,500 tons of granite.

Pyramid of Chichen Itza, in Carrillo Puerto, Mexico: The people took to the streets to demand explanations of the ill-fated Expo Maya pyramid.  Promoters accused it of having little respect for the Mayan culture and their ancestors.  The set ended up being a few rocks stacked.

The Ishtar Gate, Iraq: The original doors are in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.  The replica was built on the former site.  The idea was to make it accessible to a new archaeological museum that was never built.  Today, replication is under command of the U.S. Army whose camp is located within the walls of Babylon.  Unbelievable but true!  It is a great example of abuse failed attempt and artistic heritage.

The city of Venice in Macau, China: This is another great demonstration of power by the Chinese.  A resort simulating Venetian canals and buildings, with gondoliers included.  Gone is the history, light, and magic of this so unique beautiful Italian city.  Note that the challenge was very difficult.  It is found that there is only one Venice.

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  1. the Stonehenge replica is not in Margaret River, but Esperance and it\'s not in a brewery but the backyard of a local cattle farmer. I just went for a visit a few days ago and it was magnificent with a inspiring and awesome story behind it. . quite an experience to compare this with the \"original\" since the \"original\" are ruins. To call it the \"worst\" replica without understanding is unfair.

    Shirley Tsao (Australia)

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