Kevin Eagan - Feb 17, 2023
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Whether you are a frequent or an on-and-off traveler, finding an eventful vacation spot is priceless. And lately, many have turned to the Canary Islands for an endearing vacation. On the archipelago, Tenerife is the largest and most popular, and its impeccable year-round climate attracts several tourists, especially during the frigid winter months. But more often than never, the hordes dampen the experience, particularly for those seeking an intimate escape.

Luckily there are still several hidden gems on the island to give you an authentic experience away from the throngs. A holiday booking portal, Holidu, analyzed Google searches by Spanish travellers over the past year to uncover the most popular towns in Tenerife.

The study gathered a list of all towns and cities in Tenerife and checked the monthly Google Search Volume against each. The results were then filtered to villages with less than 10,000 inhabitants. The study findings mean you can still have an intimate vacation on the busiest island in the archipelago. Here are the hidden gems in Tenerife.

El Médano – Exceptional surf destination

3,600 Google searches

Perched south of Tenerife, El Médano is one of the most laid-back resorts popular among surfers and Spanish and German tourists. The beautiful town is just next to Tenerife Sur Airport and is a great starting base for those looking to see more areas of Tenerife. The town's small population (only 3000) makes it a lovely destination for those looking for a quiet vacation away from Tenerife's hot zones.

The beautiful beaches are El Médano's biggest strength, and the town has clawed its way to being a famous surf destination. The city even has several surfing schools if you want to pick up the hobby. The beaches in the morning are eventful, and kite surfers take advantage of the strong wave to get a blood rush. Watching colorful kites hover above the water is just as endearing if you aren't a watersport fanatic.

Garachico – History-clad town

2,900 Google searches

Perched north of Tenerife, the charming fishing town is one of the most beautiful and oldest villages in the Canary Islands. Garachico's history goes far back to the 15th Century when it was the main commercial port on the island, importing and exporting food between America and Europe, making it one of the wealthiest and most prestigious at the time.

However, in 1706 the trade came to an abrupt stop following the eruption of the Arenas Negras Volcano. A significant portion of the town was buried, leaving the commercial port unusable. To get a feel of Garachico's rich history, check out the museum, The Castle of San Miguel (built to defend against pirates) and the iconic natural rock monument.

Vilaflor – Aesthetic natural beauty

1,600 Google searches

If you are a stickler for the natural outdoors, the breathtaking town of Vilaflor should be on your bucket list. The town, located less than an hour from the bustling Playa de Las Americas, has captivated travelers since immemorial. Many legends and tales have been written about the beautiful Vilaflor since the Spanish conquered the Canary Islands.

The most famous of the lot is the "Legend of Vilaflor," a narrative poem describing how the first Spanish conquerors were swept off their feet by the beauty of a Guanche woman they came across in Chasna's forests.

The village perched on the southern side of the Teide volcano is the perfect destination for those looking to escape areas of mass tourism in Tenerife. Unlike most towns in Tenerife (except for Tegueste and El Rosario), Vilaflor has no coastline, but its beautiful village center and impressive cultural heritage make it a worthwhile destination.

Bajamar – Serene Destination

1,600 Google searches

Perched northeast of Tenerife, close to Punta del Hidalgo, Bajamar is the perfect destination for those looking to get away from the bustling south of the island. The town at the foot of the Anaga Mountains is ideal for enjoying a tranquil time around nature and hiking.

And one of the best places to enjoy the outdoors is the famous Anaga Rural Park. For some water sports, head to the Natural Pool of Bajamar. The pool is one of the town's main attractions. The natural pool made up of seawater is a lovely spot to swim without worrying about strong waves and is one of the safest spots thanks to its active lifeguards.

Los Silos – a hidden paradise

1,300 Google searches

Perched 67km northwest of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Silos is the ideal destination for travelers looking for something atypical of the bustling south of the island. The town is nestled at the foot of the rugged Teno Mountains, and its name came from three cereal warehouses built in the 15th Century.

The town's Canarian architecture, cobbled streets and attractive plazas make it a breathtaking destination. One of the top attractions is the beautiful church of Nuestra Senora de la Luz which dates back to the 16th Century. The whitewashed church has several gothic arches, and its windows let in plenty of light, making it an excellent spot to take postcard-worthy pictures.

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