Nils Kraus - Jun 13, 2016

Ecotourism is booming all around the world since more and more travelers are aware of their environmental impact and want to enjoy their holiday while protecting and helping the wilderness or local communities. presents five European destinations that are well known for ecotourism projects. 


For several years, Scotland has been developing a plan for ecotourism and encourages visitors to be more environmentally friendly. Green travelers come here to enjoy walking local forests and groves. The Galloway Forest Park, for example, is the largest forest in the whole country and is very popular among hikers and ice-climbers. Pitlochry is a perfect destination for hillwalking and the Knapdale Forest offers the unique opportunity to see beavers up close. Visitors can also explore Scotland’s wide valleys and lakes, go hiking in the mountains, try to climb one of the hills or, enjoy a nice long walk throughout the wilderness. 


One of the most adventurous as well as green European destinations is Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher are immensely popular among visitors coming to admire the beauty of the cliffs which unite the island with the Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs stretching over 8 km and rising to 214 meters are a great example of the magnificent nature. Remarkable landscape however can be found all throughout Ireland. Hikers will love the 179-km-long circular tourist route known as the Ring of Kerry, which takes the travelers around the Iveragh Peninsula, around the lakes of Killarney, through unique places including the summer home of Charles Chaplin. 


Beautiful fjords and the mesmerizing polar lights – Norway fascinates all visitors with its remarkable nature. As such, the country is one of the leaders in ecotourism initiatives. Norwegians have been encouraged by the political leaders to respect and preserve their nature.  One of the greatest attractions in the country is a visit to the Geiranger Fjord. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the famous fjord from a boat, go hiking, or even opt for a cycling tour around the fjord. 


Sweden is one of the pioneers in ecotourism. In fact, it was the second country in the world to adopt a law on ecotourism. All citizens have a strong affinity with nature and they devote lots of efforts to preserve it. During the winter season, visitors can enjoy skiing through its stunning mountains, go ice skating, or try the sleigh ride pulled by dogs. Sweden however is one of the European destinations that offer a wide range of activities, all related to nature, even during the summer season. For example, visitors have the opportunity to discover the west coast on a kayak tour, enjoy hiking in the Abisko National Park, or try rafting on a log raft. 


Replete with lakes, icebergs, and towering Alps, Switzerland is an idyllic setting to enjoy ecotourism. Skiing, mountain hiking, and climbing are easily accessible. Most hiking tours lead the travelers through imposing beech and oak forests up to the mountains where only the summit is the limit. 

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