Michael Trout - May 11, 2009
Finland is the world centre of weird competitions and events. From anthill sitting to wife carrying competitions – the Fins have it all. Perhaps watching is better than participating in some of the contests.  Finland is generally known for stunning nature, thousands of lakes, motor racing and a very unique language. However, if more people knew about some of the very strange events and competitions hosted by the Easter Scandinavians, then the reputation of Finland would be quite different. Indeed, sitting on anthills, burning oneself in a sauna and swatting mosquitoes are perhaps not the favourite pastimes of most people, yet the Fins seem to love such bizarre ways of spending free time and competing with each other.It is no big secret that sex is not a taboo issue in the very secular Scandinavia. This is reflected in some of the events. Besides topless winter jogging and nude ice swimming, the Fins pride themselves on the special Finnish sauna competition, whereby contestants must endure the most brutal of sauna experiences with buttocks and legs placed in the hottest of places. If that is not testing enough, contestants are also not allowed any help from outsiders when leaving the sauna.Whenever one watches the “world’s strongest man” competitions, Scandinavia is always heavily represented. Strength also plays a part in the strange Finnish competitions. However, contestants do not throw stones nor do they pull trucks or move columns. Instead, they carry their own wives around a course. The wives have a minimum weight of 49 kilos, which must be made up by extra weights if necessary and only a belt is allowed. The event has been near the top of the popularity list for the best part of 13 years, if not only for the comedy factor it entails. When and Where?Wife-Carrying World Championship: July 3-4, 2009, Sonkajärvi Mobile-Phone Throwing World Championship: August 22, 2009, PunkaharjuSauna World Championship: August 7-8, 2009, Heinola
Swamp Football World Championship: July 17 – 18, 2009, Hyrynsalmi 

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  1. The Fins are well known for their escapades and good luck to them! If you think that is weird and fun, then perhaps this may interest you.
    A colleague of mine is organising the Irish National Bogsnorkelling Championship on the 12 September 2009. All nationalities are welcome!
    Perhaps the Fins could enter a team?


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