Ashley Nault - Sep 4, 2007
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Going to the movies has been one of the best free-time activities for many decades now. Kids love to spend their afternoons here, young couples go on their first dates to the movies. Families perceive it as the perfect night-out. There is something about films on big screens that no TV can offer. The experience is incomparable. The honest-to-god fans usually take their passion to a higher level and visit any of the numerous film festivals. The film dose one might get here is truly very intense.


It is a very unique experience. The film festival attracts not only with the selection of premiere films to be seen, but also with a friendly atmosphere created by the widely-shared passion for the films. The visitors may start at eight in the morning and – if they have the endurance – may leave the theaters at two a.m. There is much to see and enjoy as usually the festivals engage more that just the screenings to attract film devotees. Music bands and other attractions are typical for the venues.


The bonus of all the famous film festivals are naturally the stars who love to visit them and promote their films. Popular directors like to come and see for themselves how much their work is appreciated by the audiences.


The great news for film fans is that their time has come. During September and October, most of the top-rank festivals will take place. On the other hand, some of them will be going on simultaneously, which is the only negative aspect one has to face. For example the Rome and London film festivals will both take place at the end of October. At the same time, Asia’s renowned Tokyo Festival opens its gates, and so do the Abu Dhabi and Sao Paolo Festivals.


However, the Toronto Film Festival starts the second week of September. A truly rewarding experience is visiting the Le Giornate del Cinema Muto in Pordenone, Italy. It is a week-long festival of silent films. The small town atmosphere, the hundred-year-old theater and a sympathetic amount of film historians and lovers gather here in mid-October to pay their respect to the old cinematic roots.

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