Wayne M. Gore - Dec 11, 2019
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There’s nothing more relaxing than being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, out in nature - until you realize that you’ve forgotten something essential like bug spray or toilet paper. And sitting around a campfire as a family can be truly fun and bonding until you end up having trouble getting the fire started in the first place.

Camping is a great way to get away and spend some time with your family, but to make sure that the experience runs smoothly, it’ll require a lot of planning and preparation work on your part. If you want to experience great family time together then check out these prep and set-up tips to help you avoid any ‘oops’ moments.

Hire A Camper Van:

If you’re planning on camping for a while, want to visit a few different campsites or just don’t like the idea of having your family huddled into a tent at night, then the best thing to do is hire a camper van. You can rent one quite reasonably priced - and if you’re thinking of investing in one so you can go camping together more often, then it’s a great way to test run whether or not this is a good choice for your family before spending a whole lot more money. Plus, camper vans come with built-in kitchens and bathrooms that you can stock up with essentials before you leave, making it easier to remember everything. Check out what’s available at Happy Campers.

Prepare Meals Before You Leave:

Even if you’re renting a camper van, bear in mind that the kitchens can be small, and the last thing that you want is to be spending ages prepping meals instead of spending time with your family. So, spend some time before you leave - and while you’ve still got your larger, fully-stocked kitchen - to prepare food and put them in zip-loc bags. Then on your trip, all you need to do is cook the food whether that’s in your camper van kitchen or over a campfire.

Bring Some Toys For The Kids:

Camping can be a great way to encourage kids to turn off their screens and enjoy some fun outdoors, but they might lose interest in all the branches and bugs around them at some point. You don’t have to bring their entire LEGO collection but a simple toy box filled with some things to do, like coloring books and crayons, outdoor toys like water guns, frisbees and bubbles, and some crafty toys will help you ensure that they’re kept busy.

Get Plenty Of Personal Hygiene Stuff:

One of the downsides of camping is dirt and germs - and while outdoor play never harmed anyone, the last thing you want is for your kids to be tracking dirt into your tent or camper van. Make sure you’ve got plenty of wipes, hand sanitizer, and even set up a handwashing station - especially if you’re camping in a tent and don’t have access to running water.

Camping with your family can be a huge amount of fun, but make sure that you’re prepared!

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