Tomas Haupt - Feb 11, 2019
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The event planning industry is not immune to changes that the other sectors are experiencing. Companies involved in the industry activity face the digital transformation, the problems posed by climate change, the challenges of globalization, and the emergence of a new kind of consumer. This is strictly in general terms, but what are the challenges and trends that event planning should consider in the current year?


This one, perhaps, is the most important trend of 2019, and applying it regarding event planning involves resorting to suppliers that are socially responsible with the environment. But the initiative must be pushed forward, as the challenge also means working in favor of integrating people with disabilities into the labor market.

Constant Innovation

As you are already aware, this industry lives by the words “renew or die”, and to do it successfully, your greatest ally is technology. When we talk about technology, we are referring to the use of drones, online platforms, software ... And any other tool that may prove to be useful when planning an event, but also social media and their ecosystem.

This translates into finding ambassadors for your event in social media, and even resort to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms if you are going to organize a congress or an event open to the public, as it will net you more attendees. Dare to try? Take note of how tourism professionals use Instagram.

Customer Experience

The expression “the customer comes first” never made as much sense as it does today for event planning. We see it in stores, supermarkets and, when it comes to travel, it is one of the essential requirements we need to meet if looking to win over the millennial tourism segment: it is necessary to create and offer experiences that add value and go in line with what the consumer is living. In the case of event planning, this translates into interactive, personalized, and perhaps even shared activities. Our goal is to make that moment a memorable one.

Hybrid Events

The impact of technology will also affect the typology of events organized throughout the year. And, although this is certainly not a new trend, experts predict that it will grow stronger in 2019. We are talking about the organization of hybrid events, that is, those that are held in person, but have a virtual component, either through streaming/broadcast or, for example, interacting with people who are not in the same room.

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