Denise Chen - Oct 26, 2015
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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Ile-de-France has published the results of their study on convention markets, trade fairs and company events in this Paris Region in 2014. The findings suggest positive trend for the event industry in the region.

After two difficult years of 2012 and 2013 when the events industry recorded a drop in the amount of trade fairs in Ile-de-France, the CCI study reported positive results for 2014 in Ile-de-France region.

Over the course of the year, the Paris Region hosted 407 trade fairs, which is the same amount like in 2012.  However, the number of exhibiting companies (100,740) increased by 3.5% over the two years. The amount of foreign companies organizing various types of events here reached 30,323, which is an increase of +6.9%.

The trade fairs welcomed in 2014 a total of 9.8 million visitors which is 2.4% more than in 2012.  Among them there were more than 600,000 foreigners which is an increase of 3.5%.

The event industry of the Paris Region generated 4.4 billion Euros in 2014. This amount represents a growth of 3.6% over the revenue from the trade fairs in 2012. Furthermore, the amount of full-time jobs within the sector increased by 3.4% over the two years and reached 68,000.

According to the CCI study the convention sector also recorded positive numbers with 976 organized meetings in 2014. (+1.6%). These events attracted almost 700,000 participants (+0.2%), of which over 200,000 were foreigners (+6.8%).  On the other hand, the medical convention market recorded a drop in the amount of meetings reaching 365 which is 7.6% fewer than in the previous year.

The statistics show that the conventions in Ile-de-France region generated 1.1 billion Euros (+2.6%) and almost 19,000 full-time jobs (+2.4%).

The researchers also stated that regarding the company events their amount increased by 7.1% in 2014 and reached more than 2,000 events.  This type of fairs attracted almost 1.7 million participants, which is 16.5% more than in 2013.

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