Tomas Haupt - Mar 18, 2024
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According to a recent survey conducted by WeRoad, more than 60 percent of Germans have plans to travel this spring. The survey included over 2,000 participants from Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, and Italy. The experts have identified the differences in the most popular travel destinations between northern and southern Europe as part of their spring travel trends for 2024.

European millennials tend to book travel destinations closer to home, at least for spring travel. Around 50 percent of spring travelers from Germany and Great Britain stay in Europe. However, millennials from southern European countries tend to head far away for spring travel. Their most popular destination is Asia, with 45 percent of holidaymakers traveling there from Spain, 43 percent from Italy, and 38 percent from France. 60 to 70 percent of southern Europeans love long-distance travel, while only 33 percent of travelers from other regions prefer distant destinations.

Interestingly, Africa will be the least traveled continent in spring 2024, but this is not necessarily due to travel duration. For instance, 72 percent of German tourists choose vacations that last ten days or over two weeks for their tours during the year's first half. This is a notable development, as summer vacations were more likely to be used for longer breaks in the past.

Favorite Ways to Travel

There are different travel preferences among people. Some like to relax, while others prefer to be constantly on the move. A survey conducted shows that there is a noticeable trend towards nature-oriented travel in all countries.

Only 10% of the respondents said they preferred city trips. Relaxation is only a focus for 18 percent of European millennials. At least one-fifth of people who like to travel want to explore new cultures. The must-do activities in spring also align with these trends: Over 40 percent of people would like to get to know their destination through a street food tour, while around 25 percent would like to go trekking or snowboarding.

The Accompaniment for the Spring Trip

There are significant differences among the most popular travel companions in Europe. Germany is a country of couples and groups of friends, with 46% of people surveyed choosing to go on vacation with their partner or friends during spring. The English are the only ones who travel with their partners as frequently as the Germans. Interestingly, only 26% to 28% of those surveyed in Germany prefer to travel alone or with a travel group. At the same time, travelers from Spain, Italy, and France frequently choose these options, with rates ranging from 30% to 40%.

Germans live up to their organized reputation regarding travel planning, especially compared to their southern European neighbors. Around 64 percent of Germans have already booked their spring trips, while Spanish and French people tend to make last-minute bookings.

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