Sara Thopson - Apr 5, 2010

After the “European Heritage” label was introduced in 2005, attempts were made to glorify a number of places in Europe and make its reputation even greater around the world. The label is now coming more into fruition.


The EU seems to have found a way to fill the gap between itself and its citizens: by creating a project to promote the image of Europe through making the most out of its variety, history and stunning charm. The continent is absolutely full of places worthy of visiting. It is thought that European Heritage Label should bind EU states, as it shows no bias or favoritism towards any countries in particular.

On 9 March 2010 the European Commission has adopted a proposal to establish the European Heritage Label. The Commission's proposal has been sent to the Parliament and the Council for adoption under the co-decision procedure.

The label has already been awarded to 64 particular places around Europe, ranging from the obvious candidates such as the Tower of London to the shipyards of Gdansk in Poland. Indeed, it is not all about glamour, as the heritage project is very much about people and experiences. Gdansk was the venue for the start of the infamous solidarity movement against communism. Such places should prove to be informative and educational for young people.

The project can never be a financial disaster as it requires just 1 million Euro per year for administration. Switzerland has some representation despite not being a member state. The purpose of adding the Swiss was, again, to put an emphasis on variety and the fact that the Swiss have played an important role in European history. It would have been a shame to leave them out merely for political reasons. With this label, all Europeans can be proud to belong to the most densely cultured continent on the planet with a range of historical sites, which no other area can match.


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  1. I have never heard about this label. I guess they should promote it better. Anyway, it is a good idea.


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