Andrea Hausold - Aug 25, 2017
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All travelers planning to visit Europe and rent a car while on holiday should get familiar with the traffic rules as well as the limits for alcohol use while driving. Violating the regulations could result in high fines, loss of license, or even a stay in a prison.

European countries share many rules and regulations, which makes traveling from one country to another easier. However, one of the areas where European nations differ quite substantially are the drink driving limits. Surprisingly, some of the biggest drinking nations in Europe have some of the strictest rules when it comes to the legal alcohol limit.

The table below lists the drink driving limits for each country in Europe, displayed in blood alcohol content (BAC), which is the standard measure for determining the amount of alcohol in one’s body. Corresponding fines for breaking the regulations are also provided.

The infographic includes a table which allows for converting BAC into the number of drinks based on one’s gender and weight.

Drink Driving Laws in Europe

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