Daniel A. Tanner - Apr 15, 2008

In a poll of 1.400 worldwide travellers from the United States, it was revealed that European destinations are most favoured. The reason for this has been put down to the variety which Europe offers. Indeed, nowhere else in the world it is possible to see and experience so much in a relatively short space of time. European countries are hugely diverse and mostly accessible by water. One can experience the beauty of the Scandinavian land, and then cruise off to the Greek islands. This is just an example of the variety on display. However, for Americans there is one major drawback in taking a cruise to Europe in that it is now very expensive.


In light of the weakness of the dollar, Americans now have to spend more wherever they go abroad. The dollar is so low that 33% of Americans admitted to being worried about it in the survey. A further 14% claimed they are worried about the cost of air fares being too costly.


Nevertheless, travel experts have come up with a number of ways for Americans to save money on cruises. Naturally, not all of them need to be kept, yet they would certainly help. The first golden rule on board a cruise ship is not to gamble. This could, of course, result in glory yet very rarely does. Another tip is to pay the bar bill on a daily basis rather than being stuck with a massive bill at the end of the holiday. The same applies to food: cruise ships tend to take advantage of the lack of choice and options on board and make the food more expensive. If you have to go to the restaurant, don’t forget that tipping American style is not deemed necessary in Europe and can be considered to be a waste of precious cash.


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