James Morris - Jul 6, 2015
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European cruise market is growing fast. Record results have been announced. Last year the cruise industry generated EUR 40.2 billion in sales, which is 2.2 percent more compared to the previous year, according to the Association of International Cruise Lines CLIA.

10,000 new jobs were created in Europe thanks to the increase in the cruise industry. Across Europe, 349,000 people are employed in the industry. Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Spain are the top five source markets in Europe.

Italy, the market leader in the construction of cruise ships and one of the most popular destinations of cruise tourists, benefited greatly from the boom in the industry. The Italian cruise industry generated EUR 4.6 billion welcoming 842,000 passengers in 2014. In total 102,000 people are employed in the industry.

The Italian cruise company Costa Crociere, mother of the US group Carnival, benefited greatly from the positive trend. "We are growing strongly, particularly in France, Spain and Italy," said Neil Palomba, CEO of Costa Crociere.

A similar situation can be seen with Royal Caribbean Italia. "The trend for this year continues to be positive," the director of Royal Caribbean in Italy, Gianni Rotondo emphasized.

Uncertainty about the future prospects of the cruise ships to pass through Venice, burden the cruise traffic in the Adriatic region. In Venice declining sales were reported by the cruise traffic in the amount of EUR 40 million. Throughout the Adriatic region, the decline was EUR 113.5 million.

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