Vanderlei J. Pollack - Feb 5, 2024
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New regulations have been put in place for Airbnb in France. At the end of January, the National Assembly passed a cross-party bill to address imbalances in the rental market in high-demand areas.

One significant change is reducing the tax allowance rate for income from furnished tourist rentals to 30%, down from the previous rates of 71% or 50%. The bill also requires energy performance evaluations and introduces new regulatory tools for mayors.

France is not the only European country to impose regulations on Airbnb and company. In the Netherlands, Amsterdam has strict rules that allow no more than thirty days of rental per year on Airbnb, including houseboats and houses. Only a maximum of four people are allowed at a time, except for families with children. In Spain, private home rooms are only rented for up to 31 days per year. It is important to note that obtaining a tourist license is mandatory to rent a villa or apartment in Spain.

You can rent an entire home in the capital and its immediate suburbs in London, United Kingdom. However, overnight stays have a maximum limit of ninety days per year. Homestays have no such restrictions.

In 2016, landlords in Berlin, Germany, were banned from renting their properties on various platforms. But this decision was later overturned, and now it is allowed again, provided you have a permit. The duration for renting out second homes, however, is limited to ninety days per year.

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