Gregory Dolgos - Nov 28, 2011

The Democratic Republic of Congo is considered one of the most difficult places to live. However, its natural riches are plentiful; stubborn adrenalin seekers gather there to witness the eruption of one of Africa’s most powerful volcanoes.

Not many tourists would voluntarily visit the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though the civil war officially ended twelve years ago, the horrors often continue. It is a great shame considering the immense potential Congo features. The Virunga National Park has been on the list of World Heritage Sites for some time now and for a good reason.

Virunga’s immense 3,000 square miles are home to 200 mountain gorillas, which considering the global population of 790 is a significant number. Apart from these very rare and endangered animals, the park features several other fascinating species, such as lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, okapi, forest elephants, lions, leopards, and buffalo.

Another of its rare aspects is the Nyamuragira volcano, which began erupting on 11th November, and may take weeks if not months to calm down. Lava geysers spew up to 200 meters, and the lava river has spread to some uninhabited parts of the park.

Foreign visitors are finding such an opportunity extremely tempting and several brave travelers have already arrived to witness the spectacle first hand. For $300, local guides take them on an adventurous night hike up the mountain where they may observe the erupting volcano from a safe spot.

The park’s striking sceneries and rare inhabitants, as well as its powerful volcanoes have been luring visitors and in fact, the numbers have been picking up recently. Several thousand visitors come here each year and hopefully, the number will keep on increasing. After all, what Congo really needs right now, is support and financial profit and with so much potential, the country remains hopeful.


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