Vanderlei J. Pollack - Oct 14, 2019
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Emission-free tourism is the aim of the authorities in Helsinki. The city plans to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030.

The city of Helsinki developed a project that breaks down forcefully the barrier between the theory of sustainability and practice, showing that thanks to technology the good intentions can be turned into concrete results with positive, tangible effects, for the welfare of all.

Think Sustainably, the Service for Emission Free Tourism

The local administration created an online service, Think Sustainably, which helps to choose sustainable ways of living and was to enjoy the city. It suggests sustainable services such as restaurants, shops, monuments, events, and accommodation. The version launched in June 2019 is a pilot service. At the moment it involves a limited number of operators. But it will be further developed to include more sustainable choices, from restaurants to transport.

How the Service Works

The service is based on criteria tailored for Helsinki, which were developed together with the independent think tank Demos Helsinki and local interest groups and sustainability experts. These 17 principles are grouped into four thematic areas: energy, food and drink, social sustainability, "other".

These criteria represent the paradigm in which the service is based on to choose the best deals in town, services and accommodation that practice environmental and social sustainability. Think Sustainably also includes courses to learn the basics of sustainable development concepts. The city of Helsinki in short, protects itself by enriching its visitors giving them the opportunity to have a new vision of the future, both promoting emission-free tourism, and by educating about sustainability.

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