Tourism Review News Desk - Feb 14, 2011

Current turmoil in Egypt has had a severe effect on the country’s tourism industry, leaving the image of Egypt in the world’s eyes somewhat destroyed. A short period of recovery is expected before things get back to normal.


The recent events in Egypt did not only appear on the front pages of newspapers all over the world, but also affected the Egyptian tourism industry considerably. During a period of mass demonstrations, police brutality, looting and general chaos, 1 million tourists have left the country in search of safer surroundings. The situation has been exacerbated by the fact that the winter season is generally the peak season as Europeans and North Americans look to escape the harsh weather conditions in their own countries.

Even if foreigners were willing to put up with the turmoil and stay in Egypt, it would still be virtually impossible as even bus drivers and doctors have joined in the strikes. Scenes in the media of foreigners being evacuated by embassies in Cairo have done huge amounts of damage to Egypt’s reputation and those who have stayed around are beginning to wonder where the next food is coming from.

Nile cruise bookings have plummeted and the Jaz hotel brand in the Red Sea has experienced drops of up to 40%. However, the good news is that once the strikers return to work and the dust settles after the chaos, the long-term damage should not be so great. Indeed, just a short-term impact is expected. Egypt is too important in terms of tourism and has too much to offer for people to stay away for so long.

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