Gregory Dolgos - Nov 29, 2021
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The European Commission has recommended countries of the European Union not to introduce additional travel restrictions for vaccinated, convalescent or recently tested people.

Anyone who has a valid EU Corona certificate should “not be subjected to any additional restrictions such as tests or quarantine, regardless of where they leave the EU,” the European Commission said last week. In addition, the period of validity of the EU vaccination certificates should be limited.

It has been proposed that these certificates should remain valid for nine months from the completion of the vaccination before a booster vaccination becomes necessary, according to the Vice-President of the Commission Vera Jourova.

The necessity for Uniform Rules

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders emphasized: "Our main goal is to avoid different measures in the EU.” The commission hopes for uniform rules within the EU states. The EU countries should now take all necessary measures “immediately” so that all people who need a valid certificate can receive a booster vaccination.

The EU countries must now discuss the non-binding proposals and then adopt a joint position on them. The importance of uniform travel regulations is clear especially with regards to the potential negative effects of the pandemic, which would be significantly harsher if many different rules were adopted across the continent, which was already seen at the beginning of the crisis.

New Rules for Third Countries

For trips from third countries to the EU, the Commission recommends that from March 1st, the decisive factor should no longer be where a trip starts, but whether and with which vaccine people are vaccinated.

"The member states should continue to accept travelers who have been vaccinated with vaccines approved in the EU," the Commission continued.

Likewise, from January 10 onwards, countries should allow travelers who are protected with vaccines that have gone through the WHO emergency list procedure into the country. There should be exceptions for children both in intra-European traffic and for travel from outside the EU.

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