Pat Hyland - Jun 6, 2016

A simplified visa regime for entering Russia will come in effect on July 1 in Primorsky Krai, informally known as Primorye. The Russian tourism authorities expect that a new e-visa regulation will be a powerful stimulus for the development of tourism, especially with respect to Chinese visitors.

Tourists will be able to obtain the electronic visa with a minimum of formalities for staying in Russia for up to 8 days. The simplified e visa regime for foreign citizens will be accessible at all border crossing points located on the territory of the Free Port of Vladivostok – the international airport and the Passenger Terminal.

According to the new rule draft, the e-visa will come in the form of an electronic document. To obtain the visa, a foreign citizen will need at least 3 days prior to his or her entry to send an application through a specialized website. After an evaluation by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation, the traveler will receive a notice on granting an entry visa.

In case of a positive decision, confirmation of the consular fee payment will have to be sent electronically. When crossing the border, travelers will need to present a passport, a valid insurance, and a printed notice of the issuance of e-visa.

Within the 8 days, the foreign visitors are then not limited and can travel anywhere they want around Russia.

The new regulation is introduced to boost the amount of Chinese business and leisure travelers. The number of tourists from China in Primorye doubled in the past year. The e-visa is thus expected to contribute not only to the tourism industry, but to the economy of the region as well.


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  1. Wow, amazing place.
    Reading online I found out that this a move that actually is really welcomed and is for salvaging the Russian Economy that was rottening under the difficulties of trade and border bureaucracy and trade difficulties favoring the chinese counterparts. Opening will help. Good move.
    What an amazing place. The place where the famous Siberian tiger is now living and also the place of famous Vladivostok a close place to visit Korea and Japan ...

    Marco (Italy)

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