Cecilia Garland - Jul 13, 2022
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Planning a dream holiday is one of life’s luxuries, and with solo travellers, couples and families all searching for the perfect break, each of these groups are probably looking for completely different things. From the solo travellers looking for adventure on a small budget to the families searching for activities for all ages, the needs of these travellers will vary significantly. So what may tourists look for when booking their dream holiday destination? Here are just some things which a variety of travellers look for in a holiday:

Dream holiday destinations for couples

The most important factor for a couple planning their dream holiday destination is the location, as they will probably be looking for somewhere that has beautiful scenery, romantic accommodation, and plenty of great restaurants. Although their budget is important, most couples will be willing to stretch their finances if it means they can enjoy the perfect getaway.

One great thing which couples tend to look for when booking holidays is finding great destinations that offer activities which will enhance their holiday, such as couples’ massages, sunset dining, day trips on romantic boats or even a private cooking class. These holidaymakers will be thinking about ways to make their holiday special and will be looking to create lasting memories together when choosing their dream holiday destination.

Couples travelling together might even want to book a holiday based on their shared interests. If both are keen surfers, then they could explore some of the best-surfing destinations in the world. Brazil, California, and Costa Rica have some of the top wave spots for them to check out together on their next trip.

Dream holiday destinations for solo travellers

From solo adventures to relaxing getaways, there is an increase in the number of solo travellers looking to book their dream holiday. Solo travellers are often looking to be pushed out of their comfort zone, whether that is simply a city break where they will be exploring sights and visiting the best restaurants as a solo diner, or enjoying an action-packed break with a group of other solo travellers. For solo travellers seeking a French adventure for their next trip away, there are many things to do in Paris for solo travellers.

Solo travelling is exciting, however, there is uncertainty and fears surrounding issues such as running out of money, staying in an unknown place alone and becoming lost. The key when solo travellers book their dream holiday is the planning, they want to know where they are going, how they will get there and how much it will cost. This means that to attract solo travellers’ destinations should be offering great value, excellent safety measures, the option of group activities and of course a stunning location.

Before choosing where to book, solo travellers may do a lot of research beforehand to discover where is best for them to stay. The Middle East is just one area of the world which is popular with holidaymakers, so solo travellers might want to look up the safest places in Turkey to visit for some dream holiday destination ideas.

Dream holiday destinations for families

When it comes to family holidays there are many variables to consider, from the age of the children to the length of the holiday. But there are still some core components which travellers will be looking for when planning a dream family getaway. The first will be the weather, although every family will appreciate warm, sunny days, not all will be looking for scorching temperatures, especially with young children, so always consider marketing to families throughout the year.

Next, will be the price, as not all family budgets will stretch to a luxury all-inclusive package. Destinations such as Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria have an excellent reputation for offering great value for money, and there are many packages which are tailored to the needs of families. Whether your dream holiday destination for your family is in Europe or America, there are plenty of packages and deals available for families to find the best deal. Disney is always a popular holiday for families of all sizes.

Finally, families will be looking for great destinations. Ideally, these will be areas with great access to beaches, local parks, and family-friendly dining options. The best destinations are those which offer day trips to exciting kid’s activities, such as zoos, waterparks, and theme parks, so always make it clear what attractions are available in your local area. If you’re looking for interesting sights to see on a family getaway, there are many beautiful things to see in Europe, including many natural sites to visit in Iceland.

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