Daniel A. Tanner - Dec 5, 2006

The Caribbean waters have been frequented by numerous diving enthusiasts for years. This area is extremely popular and it has been rated among the top diving destinations for the fourth year in a row.



The diving is heaven is called Bonaire. This is an island just off the northeast coast of South America, outside the hurricane belt. What makes this area so unique is the fact it has the most beautifully preserved marine life in the world. Due to strict environmental protection laws imposed 30 years ago, adventurers may enjoy the charms of more than 300 species of tropical fish and over 120 different types of coral.


Adventurers claim that diving in these waters is like visiting the paradise on earth.



Bonaire’s leading hotel the Harbour Village Beach Club offers a great variety of packages suitable for all possible diver levels. “One of our most popular packages is Dive Into Luxury featuring seven nights in a luxurious beachfront suite along with six days of diving,” says Jessica Gonzalez from the Harbour Village Beach Club. Among other programs the visitors may find beginner and advance instruction, a la carte diving and even kids’ sea adventure. For visitors that are eager to try something else than just diving, the hotel offers various beach activities, i.e. snorkelling, boating or kayaking.



There are some offshore options for divers. A quite different, yet equally comfortable diving experience is a cruise on the Wind Surf. It is a luxurious yacht that sails all over the Caribbean and allows combining the adventures of diving with relaxation and fun on board of a luxury ship. The divers visit beautiful locations such as L’Abym where the tourists dive down a 800-feet vertical wall, or the unusual Champagne. The latter offers a unique experience of diving with geo-thermal vents pumping up air bubbles and hot water. While under water, close encounters with various kinds of sharks, turtles, stingrays or dolphins shall be expected.

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