Laura Maudlin - Mar 6, 2007
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The Asian state of Bhutan still retains its unspoiled quality. It is vastly unexplored and untouched by civilization and offers a great deal of fun for both sport and culture enthusiasts. Tourists have a vast choice of activities to experience, among which fly fishing, trekking, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking are the most popular.



Bhutan is still vastly unexplored, which makes the joy of fishing in its beautiful streams and rivers even more remarkable. Fishing trips are conveniently designed to meet everyone’s needs. They not only present the best fishing locations but combine them with several kinds of cultural activities as Bhutan is a charming state with a rich cultural heritage and many mystical historic sites.

Fishing in the picturesque lakes with beautiful mountain vistas, or in the crystal clear spring-fed streams in high altitudes is an unforgettable experience. There are several local companies that offer specialized 5 – 6 day fishing trips to the Pho Chu and Punatsang Chu rivers. The combination of well-preserved nature and camping is a good way to relax; especially when there are possibilities to sample the local culinary specialties and visit remote fortresses and Buddhist temples.



In Bhutan, there are at least 770 species of birds, and previously unknown types are discovered each year. Bird watchers never cease to be surprised by this great variety which includes many  rare and threatened species. About 72% of the Bhutanese countryside is covered by thick pristine forests which house all these species and the government is preserving them by implementing a strict conservation policy.



Due to its mighty mountains and difficult terrain, Bhutan is also a lure for rock climbers, hikers and mountaineers. Mountain bikers can also enjoy the challenging mountain passes. There are many companies which offer guided tours, yet it is important to note that the tradition of trekking or simply exploring the mountain terrain is quite recent. So enjoying any of these activities may turn out to be the adventure of a life time!

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