Dan Rang - Jul 24, 2017

Thailand is an amazing country that offers a whole array of nature at its best, rich culture, and stunning historic places to explore. It is one of the best countries to visit.

Phuket is the largest island in the country and is almost as large as Singapore. It is well known for its appealing culture and history that attract tourists from all around the world. You can visit the island to immerse yourself in its atmosphere and spend a grand time relaxing in this province. You can also complete your vacation by staying at a Phuket resort that will surely bring you the best sporting, health and wellness facilities in Asia Pacific.

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is a fifteen-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. Phuket city center is about a twenty-five-minute drive away.
Offering a wide range of sports training and wellness treatments, Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort features a 50m Olympic pool and 25m training pool and offers daily shuttle services to the area's finest beaches.
Thanyapura's Pool Wing, located inside the Sports Hotel, offers a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere for active guests with a 25-meter recreational pool, pool bar, and 24-hour front desk. Surrounded by green gardens, the Pool Wing offers 77 modern rooms of different types for guests looking for active, healthy holidays.

Thanyapura Resort Olympic pool

The Garden Wing with its 37 rooms is an oasis of tranquility. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding national park or gardens while relaxing on the outdoor terrace of their room. The Garden Wing is a perfect haven for guests who want to change their lifestyle. Wellness consultation to discuss individual programs, private detoxification room, yoga and meditation sessions – all that is available in the Garden Wing, together with private library as well as “Khun Khao,” a restaurant serving plant-based cuisine.

Balancing all activity with quality care is also essential. Pampering may be as simple as a pleasant nap, a hot shower, an ice bath, a massage, an excellent meal or any combination of them. It is about revitalizing, feeding and recuperating. Here at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, they have all of that on offer.

Thanyapura caters to upcoming and elite athletes with triathlon, swimming, cycling and tennis training programs. Health-conscious guests can optimize their lives to reach their health and wellness goals through program for detox, weight loss, hormone and de-stress. The programs are guided by medical, nutrition and wellness experts who provide recommendations and insights on how to change their lifestyles for better health. Well-designed packages for yoga, meditation, detoxification, weight loss, massages, and preventive and anti-aging treatments are available on site.

Thanyapura Resort - tennis

Moreover, a tour desk is there to help all guests with sightseeing and travel arrangements. A business center and currency exchange services are also available. Adults and children can enjoy weekly group training such as Muay Thai, yoga, Pilates, mind training, aerobics, HIIT, boot camp, abs and stretching, core, aqua exercise and more.

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort offers genuine services and first-class facilities to spearhead the movement of healthy lifestyles.

Anti-aging – A full range of anti-aging treatments and services, from diagnostic to individual treatment and supplement plans.

Mind Training – Support to educate clients to achieve his or her healthy goals.

Nutrition – A private evaluation with a certified nutritionist that includes a personalized nutritional plan designed to achieve individual goals. It also offers a farewell plan for clients to take home and continue their healthy habits and long-term goals after leaving the center.

Wellness – Offering functional, lifestyle, and holistic medicine combining physiotherapy, chiropractic, rehabilitation, mind, and yoga center. The Wellness Center aims to educate guests on how to nurture their health for the long-term.

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is where active people around the world come to optimize their lives and have fun doing so. However, you do not have to be a rock star or an elite athlete to be here, though you might run into one.

hanyapura Health & Sports Resort

There is something for everyone as active or relaxed as you want to be. There are tennis, swimming, cycling, running, and group fitness, Muay Thai, yoga, meditation, cooking classes, a full-service spa, and much more. There is a wellness-mindful center, on-site medical services, chiropractors, and expert conferences.

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is the ideal place for anyone who wants to reset their bodies and minds with detoxification, to draw inspiration, to live a healthy lifestyle, to train extensively, to transform their life, or simply relax, disconnect and enjoy the many amenities of the resort.


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