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Greece is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world! Millions of tourists visit the country every year, and an increasing number take advantage of the low cost of dental procedures! As well as the beautiful beaches, excellent customer service, you can also find top experts in dentistry available at a cost you can afford.

Today, more than ever, people are crossing borders to enjoy the benefits of lower dental fees. On Crete, holidaymakers can receive private cosmetic dental treatment during their vacation in a sunny resort by the sea, save up to 70%, returning home with a brilliant white smile. Dentists in Greece are ready and waiting to help you fix your teeth. It makes perfect sense to combine dental treatment with a holiday in one easy package!

What are the Benefits of Taking a Dental Vacation in Greece?

  • High quality dental services and care
  • No stress treatment with appoints tailored to your schedule
  • Low prices
  • Ideal vacation destination, by the sea and minutes from the mountains and historic sites
  • Immediate response to your needs, with no waiting to begin your personal plan
  • Dental profession is highly regulated and adheres to strict EU standards

If you're interested in a dental vacation in Greece, look no further than Gentle Dental Abroad!

Gentle Dental Abroad provides quality cosmetic dental services in the attractive coastal town of Hersonissos, Crete. Dental tourists receive their dental treatment during their vacation, and save up to 70% compared to average prices in their home countries. The clinic is led by Dr. George Antonopoulos, working with experienced associates and consultants in all fields of dentistry. The clinic offers top-notch services in state of the art facilities using high-quality materials imported from the USA and Germany, unlike some clinics in other countries who use inferior Far Eastern materials.  The clinic provides a full range of cosmetic dental treatments, including implants, crowns, veneers, dentures, and teeth whitening, all at reasonable prices. Dental implants and crowns are the most popular treatments.

Gentle Dental Abroad - ideal dental vacation in Crete

Dr. Antonopoulos says: "I am proud work with a great team of experienced professionals, who have carried out the simplest to most complex procedures many times. The team is fluent in English, some of us have postgraduate studies in the UK and all of us keep up to date with the very latest advances in dental technology.   Our patients from abroad are always pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention and time we devote to them. They appreciate the personal service even more than the beautiful result. So even though they initially contact us for our low price, it is the quality of our service they most often comment on.  They realise that their savings are much higher than 70%, because this type of high end cosmetic service comes with a much higher price tag."

How Much Do You Save?

Save a whopping 70% on your dental care expenses and visit an exotic location at the same time.

Fact: Patients from the UK, United States, Canada, and other countries, can benefit from a quality yet affordable dental vacation in Greece, saving up to 70% of the cost of similar dental treatment in their own countries!

For example, when restoring a full arch of teeth, such as All-on-4 dental implants, which are the most sought after, we can provide the treatment for €4.800, while the average price of similar treatment in the UK, Germany, and France is €12.000, resulting in a saving of €7.000, or 60%.  Our affordable prices mean that our patients can regain their confidence, and restore their chewing and speaking capacity, without sacrificing their holidays.

Recent patients Patrick and Ingrid from Oxford UK, who came to GDA for crown revisions, could not be more pleased with their experience: "My new dental crowns were completed from start to finish in less than two weeks. And I still had 99% of my time to soak up the healthy Cretan cuisine, sunshine, sea, sand and scenery. It really was a dental holiday, and I was a very happy to be a first-time dental tourist with Gentle Dental Abroad in Crete."

The bottom line is that the cost of equivalent dental treatment in Greece is about half what you would have to spend in your own country ... while at the same time, you'll have the opportunity to visit Greece and have a great holiday exploring exotic locations! Come and tour the Greek islands ... and see one of our dental specialists at the same time!

Dental Vacation in Greece - Saving Up to 70%

Traveling Costs?

Traveling costs from the US and Canada to Greece are very low. For example, if you fly from Washington DC, the plane ticket price is around $1.000 USD, which is minimal in comparison to the amount you’ll save.

Α 2 weeks holiday from  a Northern European country  (UK, Germany , Benelux) can cost as little as €350 or £220, less than half the cost of a dental crown!

Hotel Price and Transport Costs in Greece?

Hotel accommodation in Greece costs about $80 USD per day. Bus, tram, and metro tickets are around $1 USD per trip, or $14 USD for an all week travel pass.

Dental Holiday in Crete Is Enjoyable and Saves You Money

When you visit our dental clinic in Hersonissos, you can still enjoy a great holiday in a beautiful destination. Most dental treatments fit nicely within a two or three-week vacation. You will have plenty of time to relax on the beach or explore the fascinating countryside, to enjoy ouzo and home-grown wines in lovely taverns or elegant seaside restaurants, or just sip an aperitif on a sun-bathed terrace. Your holiday routine will only be interrupted by four or five appointments at the dentist, amounts to less than 5% of your vacation. Your savings, on the other hand, will be up to 70%.

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