Larry Brain - Aug 29, 2019
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Poland is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for medical tourism, with almost 400,000 travelling from overseas every year to benefit from medical tourism. According to the International Medical Journal, Poland is the most visited dental holiday destination, with approximately 70,000 travelling to the country specifically for dental treatments.

There are many reasons people opt to have a dental holiday in Poland, with countless benefits to making the most of the country’s high-quality dental care.

Reasonable pricing

Dental treatments in Poland are more affordable than in most other countries, with far lower costs than those in Western and Northern Europe. The low costs are one of the most common reasons that those overseas book a dental holiday in Poland.

As an example, balance-care-implant costs approximately €1,000 in Poland; around half of the cost of the same treatment in the UK, Germany or France. The same pattern continues across all dental treatments, with Poland being up to 40% cheaper than the UK and Germany for dental treatments. While a crown treatment would typically cost between €1,600 and €2,400, it would cost €1,200 on average in Poland. The Dental Tourism Guide states that a dental examination including x-rays, teeth cleaning, polishing, five crowns and two fillings costs £2,799 in England, whereas it is the equivalent of £1,150 in Poland.

In addition, the travel to and from Poland is also affordable, with cheap flights and accommodation is available for low prices, proving particularly attractive to medical tourists. Even taking the cost of travel and accommodation into account, dental treatment remains more affordable for many people than it is in their countries of residence.

Wide-ranging services

Poland is renowned for its wide range of effective and world-class dental treatments. Dental services continue to be the most popular service for medical tourists, with the same offerings available as there are in any other country.

Those who decide to have a medical holiday in Poland are able to choose from a large range of treatments, with the same services offered as overseas, for a fraction of the price.

Easily accessible

Poland is easily accessible for those throughout Europe, and for those throughout the UK in particular. With airports and cheap flights making travel simple, those undergoing dental treatments can easily return to Poland for follow-up treatments. Because of this, even the most complicated treatments are possible for those who do not live in Poland.

People are able to book their own flights and dentistry treatments, or even find companies which do package deals with accommodation to save time.

High dentistry standards

Poland is known for its high dentistry standards, with exceptional service being a large benefit of choosing a dental holiday in Poland. Polish dentists are known for undertaking thorough training, being highly skilled, qualified and experienced. The talented dental practitioners in Poland have the latest technology and most up-to-date dental equipment and treatment techniques available to them, meaning they can provide the highest level of service with cutting-edge treatments. The environment for dental treatment is also hygienic and comfortable, making Poland’s dental care simple, safe and hassle-free.

Fantastic and flexible services

In Poland, the waiting lists are considerably shorter, meaning those in need of dental treatment can easily arrange appointments. In many countries throughout Europe, the waiting time for a dental appointment can be as long as 90 days. This is due to high demand and less efficient services, with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) recording more than 150,000 patients who have had appointments and are in a waiting list to have dental procedures carried out.

In Poland, the ease of booking appointments and being treated quickly means that patients can enjoy a faster, less stressful process, carrying out dental work whenever required without having to pay excessive amounts.

No language barriers

The majority of dental practices in Poland hire dentists and staff members who speak English, meaning there are no language barriers when receiving dental treatment overseas.

This ensures the patient and dentist can understand each other perfectly, there are no miscommunications and the entire experience is as simple as possible. A common misconception is that dental treatment abroad comes with language barriers, so this should not be a concern when looking to have dental work done in Poland. Simply call the dentist to ensure there is somebody who speaks your language if this is a worry.

Combine dental treatments with a holiday

While the travel, accommodation, and dental treatment is affordable in Poland, there are ways to make your trip even more fun.

Many are now extending their trip, visiting areas such as Krakow and looking around the city, learning more about its extensive history and seeing its fantastic culture and art displays. Doing this alongside dental treatment can combine necessary work with a holiday, making the visit to Poland even more exciting.

Growing in popularity

The number of people who are making the most of dental treatments in Poland are continuously increasing, with it being one of the highest dental tourism markets in Europe, also accounting for more than 20% of the world’s dental tourism. As word continues to grow about the affordable and high-quality dental care available in Poland, it looks set to grow further in the coming years.

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