Richard Moor - Aug 20, 2023
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The escalating episodes of violence in Acapulco, Mexico, have resulted in a significant decline in tourism values. The current holiday season has witnessed over 7,500 cancellations of hotel rooms due to crime rates. Despite the measures taken to ensure local and tourist safety and security, crimes have surpassed security limits.

It is worth noting that tourism is the primary source of income for about 80% of Acapulco’s inhabitants. The increasing cancellations have become a significant obstacle, and the residents and visitors alike have expressed their concerns, particularly during the area's most challenging tourism months, September and October.

Nevertheless, the tourism industry in Acapulco has seen a growth of 27% in the rates of arrivals at the airport of domestic tourism, which comes from other parts of Mexico, alongside a 7% increase in international tourism, resulting in a 73.6% hotel occupancy rate.

To address the situation, official measures are underway. It has been decided to reinforce security on the streets by incorporating five hundred National Guard elements as part of the 'Joint Task Force' initiative. These measures are aimed at supporting the stability and safety of the area. They hope they will mitigate the negative impact on tourism and the local economy.

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