Sara Thopson - Apr 15, 2008

At an altitude of 1200m, Davos is Europe’s highest standing destination. However, it is not just the geographical situation of the resort which draws masses of tourists to the Swiss resort every year, as Davos has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment and scenery.


It has been described by some visitors and locals as a town offering everything which one would expect from a holiday resort, whilst being in the shadow of beautiful intact mountain landscape. The local river Landwasser is the cherry on the cake in terms of stunning scenery. The official attraction of this area of the Swiss Alps is certain to grow once Davos combines with nearby Klosters to form one destination and create an all-in-one package for those lucky enough to visit. The merge is set to officially take place this year.


The Alps are naturally famous for winter sports, yet this is not where the sporting activity ends. The double resort is littered with tennis courts and other facilities for summer sports. The Swiss are clearly trying to extend the business season to 12 months. Although skiing is generally possible all year round at such an altitude, the conditions are not ideal in some of the summer months.


Staying on the winter sports front, the town Davos is renowned for the Spengler cup, an ice hockey tournament which attracts fans of this particular winter activity in numbers. Davos-Klosters has had to create more hotel space to accommodate the influx of visitors. The hotel Alpenhof, famous for serving local specialities, is set to have 52 beds by June this year. This particular hotel is one of many as tourists continue to look high up for their holiday entertainment.


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