Theodore Slate - May 1, 2017
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Czech hotels are receiving so many orders, that many of them have increased prices compared to last year. Price increases could reach up to 15%. A larger number of guests is expected both domestically, as well as from foreign countries.

“This year there is higher demand, especially for the summer, and higher quality accommodation. Places that are regularly full are raising prices, because they can afford it. The increase of prices is up to 10%,” said Jan Papež, deputy chairman of the Association of Tourism Agencies in the Czech Republic.

Vliam Sivek, chairman of the Tourism Forum, expects a similar outcome. “This year’s increase in demand for the summer season is about 10%. I believe that before the summer season prices could increase by as much as 15% in all accommodation facilities,” Sivek said.

The Czech Republic has become a very popular destination in the last two years. “The Czech Republic is one of the few holiday countries that have no security issues. The variety of attractive holiday options in the country is also larger every year. Well-equipped camps, wellness hotels or farm stays are all available here,” Sivek added.

However, last year in August and July Czech hotels and other facilities welcomed 2.7 million domestic tourists and 2 million foreigners. Thus, within two years, Czech hoteliers welcomed 555 thousand more Czechs and 300 thousand more foreigner holidaymakers.

More than 60% of foreign visitors go to Prague in the summer season, but the increase in foreign tourism inflow is felt in all regions. South Moravia and Bohemia, the two most popular regions besides Prague, were visited by 280 thousand foreigners last summer.

The courage of owners and operators to increase prices is also connected to the overall better condition of the economy and growth of income of Czech households.

“With increasing occupancy, there is room for price increases. The level of services also improves. For example, the Czech hotel industry is comparable to other European countries as to the quality. But the prices are still lower,” said Václav Stárek, president of the Association of the Czech Hotels and Restaurants.

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