Nils Kraus - Apr 28, 2009
On 4th May 1945, the American Army marched into the Western Bohemian city of Pilsen to proclaim the war was coming to an end. For almost twenty years Pilsen has dedicated the first days of May to commemorate the liberation. This year, the celebration will include a few adventurous and very tempting surprises.


When General Patton marched into Pilsen in the morning of 4th May 1945, he was welcomed by a grateful cheering crowd who celebrated him and the American Army as their greatest hero. Ever since then, Pilsen, a city in the western part of what now is the Czech Republic, has held the American soldiers who brought freedom to them in high esteem. Since 1990, massive celebrations take place here, to commemorate one of the happiest days in the city’s as well as the country’s history. The rich program officially starts on 2nd May and continues to 6th May.

The city is excited about the diverse activities on offer. American veterans and their families will join the locals in several ceremonies to commemorate those, who lost their lives in both world wars. Army fans cannot wait for numerous highly attractive military shows, including aviation open-air show, the infamous ‘Convoy of Liberty’ – which will feature both historical as well as state-of-the-art army vehicles, and the tempting ‘Army Taxi’ offering unique rides for the public.

Children have as much reason to be excited as adults. Local students are welcome to join a competition called ‘Liberate Pilsen’. Teams of 5 students will be challenged in intriguing events testing their sporting abilities, sharp judgment, teamwork as well as historical knowledge. For those who wish to quietly explore the past, there are several themed exhibitions including ‘Forgotten Divisions of the 3rd Army’ or even ‘They Lived Here with Us’ featuring stories of Pilsen citizens during the occupation by Nazi Germany.

In a few days, Pilsen will turn into one of the most exciting cities in Central Europe. The program will be overwhelming and many will once again get the opportunity to remember the less fortunate days, give thanks to those who brought them their freedom and most importantly be happy about the lucky turn of events, take a deep breath and taste the most amazing beer, born here, in Pilsen.



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