Gregory Dolgos - Aug 15, 2023
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Based on data from popular tourism platforms in mainland China, there has been a significant increase in summer tours booked to Hong Kong. Hong Kong's scenic and captivating sights continue to attract a growing number of young travelers from mainland China.

Hong Kong's tourism industry heavily relies on Mainland China visitors. Hong Kong welcomed 2.75 million tourists in June alone, with over 2.15 million from Mainland China. For the first six months of this year, approximately 12.88 million tourists visited Hong Kong, with more than 10.11 million coming from Mainland China.

Experts suggest mainland tourists visit Hong Kong during summer vacation for cultural tourism. Many tourists explore the Hong Kong Palace Museum, M+ Museum, and Xiqu Center in the West Kowloon Cultural District. Here, they can appreciate Chinese culture and modern art worldwide. For mainland students planning to study in Hong Kong, visiting tertiary institutions and experiencing the university atmosphere has become popular.

According to Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po," the city's special tourism has significant potential for development. In addition to cultural and educational tours, Hong Kong's unique tours, such as hiking, cycling, camping, marine sports, and Michelin-starred cuisine, can all be developed into new pillars of Hong Kong tourism. Many mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong choose independent travel, and the number of "Generation Z" tourists (born between 1995 and 2009) is increasing. These younger mainland tourists seek out personal experiences, niche activities, and unique characteristics in addition to popular tourist attractions.

Several travel agencies in Hong Kong are showcasing their expertise in exploring the unique tourism resources of the city's outlying islands. They are launching tourism routes covering ecology, nature, culture, and remarkable cuisine to attract tourists to these islands.

In addition, the Hong Kong Tourism Board recently organized the "Professional Quality Tourism Service Pledge" launching ceremony to enhance service quality. Representatives and employees from eight major tourism-related industries pledged to provide tourists with the best experience. Additionally, the Tourism Board will promote 1 million "Hong Kong Gifts" tourist consumption coupons to tourists visiting Hong Kong, encouraging them to come to Hong Kong for tourism and consumption.

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