Gregory Dolgos - Feb 26, 2023
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Official sources reporting on Cuba’s tourism stated that in January the country welcomed  246,000 visitors, which represents a very significant growth compared to the 86,424 visitors that were recorded in January 2021.

The authorities commented on the positive numbers that they achieved through several international travel agencies that promote Cuban destinations and its pleasant climate.

Canada has continued to be the most prominent source country for Cuba’s tourism, from where 532,487 tourists arrived last year.

Other important markets were the United States, with 100,494 arrivals; Spain with 83,025 arrivals, and Germany, with 58,715 arrivals.

Based on the Tourism Development Plan, according to which the tourism resources are managed, there are currently 517 projects for the period until 2030. 88% of them are new projects and expansions, and the rest are improvements to the existing products and services.

The projected growth of the accommodation capacities between 2023 and 2030 is 40,678 rooms, of which 30% (11,929) are under the joint venture modality.

In 2022, 2,445 rooms were built. Currently, 1,250 rooms in 7 new hotels and one expansion are still under construction. At the moment Cuba’s tourism facilities offer 80,279 rooms.

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