Ashley Nault - Jul 10, 2017
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Japan authorities reported on their plans to use their cruise ships as hotels during the much-awaited 2020 Summer Olympics.

According to governmental sources cited by Japan News, the Japanese government is currently progressing well in their goal to make cruise ships function as hotels. This innovation is planned for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

As of now, Japanese laws do not allow cruise ships to moor for more than 15 days. The only exception was the Queen Elizabeth 2 liner, which could accommodate more than 1,500 people. It stayed for 65 days during the Exotic Showcase in Yokohama in 1989.

There are several issues connected to Japan’s new project. With ship crews becoming hotel staff, they would instantly fall outside the maritime legislation. Moreover, Japanese laws do not regulate ships’ meals. A special license under the Customs Law would be necessary to obtain for this kind of serving.

Japan News stated that in 2016, 24 million visitors arrived to Japan. This amount filled 80% of hotels in Tokyo. 40 million people are expected in the country in 2020, when the Olympics take place. This is why “floating hotels” could give the industry a big hand.

The Port of Tokyo can accommodate up to 1,000 people, while Yokohama’s port can accommodate twice as much. The Port of Kawasaki and Kisarazu Port could also be used if they meet certain requirements.

Hotel cruise ships are not an uncommon sight. Vancouver used them for this purpose during the 2010 Winter Olympics and all the Olympics since until last year’s games in Rio de Janeiro.

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