Nik Fes - Nov 26, 2023
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Between January and October, Spanish ports saw a total of 10.1 million cruise passengers, a 12.3% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to data from Puertos del Estado.

In the same period, the number of cruise ships that called in Spain was 3,696, 5.7% more than in 2019. The number of cruise passengers visiting Spain increased by 52.7% compared to last year, while the number of cruises was slightly higher, with seven additional cruise ships.

During October, Spanish ports registered 1.5 million cruise passengers, which is 26% higher than the number of passengers recorded in the same month before the pandemic and 23.8% more than the previous year.

In the first ten months of this year, the total passenger traffic in Spanish ports, including regular lines and cruise ships, has reached 34.2 million users (24 million from regular lines and another 10.1 million from cruise ships). This figure is 4.2% higher than the passenger traffic recorded in 2019 and 20.1% higher than 2020.

In October, the total number of passengers, including regular and cruise passengers, exceeded 3.4 million, a 15.2% increase from the same month in the previous year and a 14.2% increase from the figure in 2019. Out of the total, 1.9 million passengers traveled on scheduled transport lines, and the remaining 1.5 million passengers were cruise passengers.

According to the port traffic summary of Puertos del Estado, 590 cruise ships arrived in Spanish ports last October (3,696 so far this year). Cumulatively, most of them landed in the Balearic Islands (696), Barcelona (695), Las Palmas (435), and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (360).

Between January and October, 10.1 million passengers arrived at Spanish ports. Barcelona was the most popular port of arrival, with 3,137,559 passengers, followed by the ports of the Balearic Islands with 2,324,157 passengers. Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife also received significant passengers, with 1,027,491 and 732,326 respectively.

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