Dan Rang - Feb 6, 2007

Cruises are generally associated with laziness. The travelers simply lie down on the deck and occasionally dive, then sunbathe or read a bit. Active tourists used to despise this kind of travel. Luckily, many smaller cruise liners offer amazing deals to those, who need to ‘let the steam out’ once in a while.



Regent Seven Seas Cruises operate a popular cruise liner Paul Gauguin that takes tourists to the French Polynesia. Here, anyone is welcome to scuba dive with sharks and giant Pacific Mantas, or try other water sports, such as windsurfing, kayaking, or waterskiing.



Another striking destination for a cruise is Costa Rica. Here, tourists may hike rainforests, sight crocodiles or monkeys, or even try white water rafting and kayaking in the mangrove estuaries.



Hawaii presents a prefect chance for admiring the natural beauties of the volcanic region with rushing rivers, chasms and canyons. Cycling down a volcano is definitely one of the most exciting activities possible.


For those, who are not fond of warm weather, a trip to Alaska is designed. The scenery is unbelievable, and travelers are welcome to admire it from the observation lounges, or even sightseeing vehicles. Those more willing to experience some thrill, stalking wild animals or dog sledding are further options


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