Alec Hills - Sep 19, 2021
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Are you a forgetful person and often miss packing essentials when traveling? Or do you end up overpacking whenever you travel? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you are unaware of your actual needs. There’s a simple solution to this problem. Prepare a list of items you’ll need when traveling before you begin to pack for the tour. 

Indeed, using luxury luggage such as Prada luggage, Rimowa Luggage, Tumi Luggage, or Randa Luggage will allow you to pack more than what you actually need. Still, you shouldn’t carry things unnecessarily. If you are a woman, having the items discussed below in your luggage would be enough for having a great trip. 

The Essentials 

These are items that you may need anytime during the trip. If you lose them, you might face serious consequences. So, to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you must pack these items in a tamper-proof bag and keep the bag safely underneath your clothes. Here are the items you should be extra careful about:

  • Passport (when traveling overseas) 
  • Travel wallet
  • Printed tickets 
  • Credit cards and cash 
  • Mobile phone and its charger 
  • Travel guide featuring a detailed map
  • Photocopy of important documents 


Carrying these items will make you feel good during long hours of traveling. You can avoid packing some of them. However, you cannot tag any of these items as useless. 

  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs 
  • Glasses/sunglasses
  • Travel pillow 
  • Hat
  • Face wipes
  • A sarong 
  • Foldable flats or flip flops 


If you are a woman and want more Instagram followers, this would be the trickiest part for you. It would be difficult for you to pack exactly what you would need during the trip. So, to accommodate the maximum number of clothes, avoid folding them. Rolling your clothes up will create space for more. If you need more space, pack the rolled-up clothes in large zip lock bags and squeeze out all the air from them to compress the clothes even further. Some clothing types, you should miss packing are as follows:

  • Your night suits 
  • Some cool casuals
  • A raincoat (if the place you are visiting keeps experiencing rainfall) 
  • And everything that makes you look good and fashionable 


You can skip some of the items listed in this section as most hotels would provide you with soaps, lotions, shampoos, and more. However, if you are fussy about the toiletries you use, it would be wise to carry your own products. 

These products are usually light in weight and thus fit in the carry-on luggage easily. However, make sure that you are not carrying more than 100g of creams, liquids, or gels if you have planned to put the toiletries in your hand luggage. 

Pack all these products in zip lock bags. Doing so is essential to protect other items in your bag in case there’s a spillage (a common event in flights). 

Items you should pack in your toiletry bag are as follows:

  • Makeup
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Toothpaste, floss, and toothbrush 
  • Deodorant and perfume 
  • Moisturizer 
  • Sunscreen lotion/cream 
  • Hair elastics 
  • Eye drops
  • Chapstick 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Shaver and shave gel 
  • Medicines (prescription pills you take, pain medications, paracetamols, and allergy pills) 
  • Laundry detergent


Today, it’s difficult to find anyone who can lead a life without gadgets. So, to make your trip meaningful, you should carry some gadgets

If you love to post photos and videos on social media, you’ll need more gadgets than others. It would be a good idea to pack your gadgets in a separate bag. Some of the items, your gadget bag must contain are:

  • A camera along with some extra batteries 
  • Tablet or laptop 
  • Voltage wall adapter 
  • Charger for all the electronic devices you are carrying 
  • Bluetooth speaker 
  • E-book reader 

Final Words 

You can pack more items than the ones discussed above or can omit some of them. Remember, the key to successful packing is an intelligent arrangement. If you arrange your belongings intelligently, you’ll be able to carry everything you may need during the trip without facing space issues. 

Additionally, always choose your luggage wisely. Ideally, go for options that feature multiple compartments. That will make arranging things much easier for you. A high-quality suitcase will also keep your belongings secure when traveling. 

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