Alec Hills - Aug 29, 2023
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It may not be the case across France, but tourism professionals on the Côte d'Azur are quite pleased with the current situation. Tourists flock to the area, resulting in hotel occupancy rates of over 80% in June, July, and August. It seems that the Americans have returned.

The Regional Tourism Committee (CRT) has reported that Côte d'Azur tourism has returned to pre-pandemic attendance levels, with many events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Lions Festival, and Nice Iron Man attracting visitors. Additionally, public holidays and long weekends have contributed to the increase in hotel occupancy rates on the coast, which reached 75% in May (with peaks of 90%), 80% in June, and 83% in July (compared to 84% in 2022). It is projected that occupancy rates in August will approach 85%, similar to those in 2022. While the peak of August 15 saw a slight decrease in hotel occupancy rates on the coast, at 92% compared to 95% in the previous year, it is still an excellent summer for the region.

Better results than 2019 and 2022

Throughout the season, spanning from April to October, the typical hotel and residence occupancy rate is expected to be 75%, which is one percentage point higher than both the 2019 and 2022 seasons. Additionally, there is an observed trend of more tourists opting for mountain stays to escape the heat wave in the high country. From July to September, occupancy rates may reach approximately 60% during summer.

The crowd expected in Nice in September

As we near the end of summer, two significant sporting events are on the horizon: the Iron Man Worlds on September 10 and four Rugby World Cup matches in Nice. These events have increased bookings, with athletes and their teams arriving worldwide several days before each competition. Throughout September, tens of thousands of people are expected to stay on the coast. Nice hotels have reported many reservations for the Ironman, and campsites are filling up with rugby fans.

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